Online Learning Platform

English Proficiency, Entrepreneurship, and 21st Century Skills!


Learn the Skills for Lifelong Success

Wealth Boss, in partnership with Woogi Global, offers a safe, engaging game-driven online learning platform designed to prepare people around the world for lifelong success in the global community.

Our innovative, interactive programs teach participants to be fluent in English, entrepreneurship, and other valuable 21st Century skills like critical thinking, cultural understanding, and team work. Already these programs have been very successful educating and empowering students around the world.


The innovative, online learning programs – Woogi English and Woogi Create – emphasize:

  • English Proficiency
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 21st Century Life Skills
  • Team Work & Leadership
  • Creative, Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Plus, So Much More!


Our revolutionary program uses gaming principles to motivate students. We light the fire within a person to learn on their own.

Peer Mentors

Through our relationships with schools and youth groups in the USA and Canada, we provide peer mentors to help students learn and practice English.


Our mobile apps reach more students in more countries and allow students to learn outside of classrooms and away from their homes.

English Teachers

For students that want extra help, we provide English teachers from the USA and Canada to ensure all students have the support to succeed.

Changing Lives Through Learning

Wealth Boss and Woogi Global are changing the world one person at a time. The Woogi learning programs are already having a huge impact around the world…and this is just the beginning! With your help, we can reach even more people and bring hope and opportunity to so many more.

  • Over 2 Million students registered so far
  • Over 1.3 Million registered parents currently
  • Over 126 Million learning hours experienced

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