Wholesale Travel Program

Experience Incredible Opportunities to See the World!


Travel and See the World

As a World Boss member, you get amazing opportunities to see the world through our prized wholesale travel program.

We offer this incredible benefit to our members because we want them to expand their understanding of and appreciation for our spectacular, diverse, and interconnected world – to actively experience first-hand and be a part of the global community that we all share!

Everyone loves to travel, and with the Wealth Boss travel program not only can you write off your travel as a business expense, you also get the best prices on your trips!

Plan your own dream trip itineraries and/or join us on once-in-a-lifetime excursions available only to Wealth Boss members. Wherever your journey takes you, it's sure to be a life-defining experience!


Exclusive Bucket List Trips

Visit your dream destinations at incredibly low prices. Several times each year, our members are offered bucket list trip opportunities at unbelievable savings!

Wholesale Hotel Booking Engine

Guaranteed lowest price! Usually 10%-50% lower than the large online booking engines. You get fantastic deals at hotels all over the world! So many locations to choose from!

Premier Rental Car Savings

Our members get huge savings every time they rent a car! Take advantage of the great discounts set up with the premier rental car provider, Avis-Rent-A-Car.

RCI Condo Booking Engine

You save hundreds to thousands of dollars every time you book a condo! Plus, our members have access over 35,000 amazing locations across 108 countries.